Product Support

If you need and require product support from us, it is important that you know the terms.

ScanDix offers free and unlimited product support.

As a customer you are offered basically free, universal and unlimited product support.
As retailers and product specialists, We know well the products we sell.
We can answer the vast majority of questions and more advanced questions.
We also have access to specialist knowledge that we can collect when needed.

How We Provide Support

Free product support is NOT pr. phone. This is simply because, we have thousands of items and product combinations.
Therefore, we can not possibly have general knowledge on all issues. Phone support will be extremely time consuming for
both parties as there may be a need for various clarifying questions and further investigation to the manufacturer. In
some cases, it is necessary that we take a closer look on our or producer's historical archives to find specific
information relating to the delivery you receive to help you the best possible way.

Existence of product support at no cost are ONLY through e-mail. The easiest way is to start at our regular contact form
on this website or via. regular e-mail. For example, write back to the "reply" option on the delivery or order
confirmation you received from us if you have questions or need help.

If you want specific phone support you need to be aware, that it is calculated at regular Hourly Rate.
See more about phone support further down on this page.
Please note that all manufacturers have their own product support, depending on what software you buy.
There may be differences in service levels from the individual software's manufacturer.
We therefore offer general product support to the customer, subject to the reference of manufacturer's own support.

Standard Product Support

Standard product support at no charge include traditional questions about features, licensing terms and the general use of the product.
Eg. How can I save or load a specific file type? Is software can be customized for specific needs? Where to download the
update call including external upgrades? How to set the program's special functions or how to work across platforms? There
may be a lot of questions for a lot of products. There are overall many great features. Which also means, that we have
some criteria of how to provide free unlimited product support.

Who Offer Free Product Support

Product support is only free for our direct customers and or through one of our sub-distributors or partners.
We also offer support for the Team Leader representing the businesses, schools and government agencies who are buying from us.
When we receive a support request, we will handle it as all other e-mail correspondence.
Please note that we may be busy but all inquiries are answered.
If we need to seek external help in order to give you the best and most accurate solution or answer to your problems and
questions; You will recieve a response that we will return to you as soon as possible. Since, external collaboration takes
time due to further investigation of special or more complicated software issues.

We Do Not Offer Free Product Support for the Following

Installation services - These are available in the manufacturer's standard manual, guide, installation manual or the like.
Integration with unknown hardware or software, including network integration and deployment.

Support Not Related to the Purchased Product

These and similar we regard as special support and you should contact us for a quote.

Extended Support, Including Phone Support

If you require extended, exceptional advanced or personal support - This will be done at Regular Hourly Rate as one of the
following options.

  • Phone and e-mail support
  • Remote Assistance (We take over your PC over the Internet) 
  • Personal one to one support 
  • Classroom teaching 
  • Courses and training of teams and groups 
  • Installation and deployment of network (Deployment)

For product support - PLEASE START BY CLICKING HERE.