Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions 

All purchases in this shop, it is required that these Terms and Conditions are accepted.

For any purchase of products and services from ScanDix SmbA are these terms and conditions form an integral part of the contractual terms, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The Customer is expressly informed that this trade may contain exceptions to purchase law of general application. Objections to these terms and conditions, as well as objections to possibly an order confirmation content must be made immediately.

Registration of customer information

It is possible to create an order without creating an account. It will then not be possible to view or update your information and you will, by any subsequent purchase to enter all the data again. 

For customers who want an account is for even the customer to provide and maintain its master data, including name, possibly. company name, company registration number, telephone number and a valid email address. For businesses, your company's registration number must be provided.

Maintenance of master data and other customer information is to be found in the customer area online using username and password. Selected master data relevant to the accounts recorded according to Danish law in our customer database (not online shop) for up to 5 years. No information will without the written consent of the client or valid search warrant will be passed on to third parties.

Resellers reservations

When ordering, there may be circumstances which means that we must reject the order. It may, for example. due to typographical errors, logistical hurdles, improper composition of items, orders placed prior to purchase, etc. In doing so, we are all subject to offer delivery, whether automatically sent order confirmation authorized payment etc.. In the event the order will be changed as per agreement by dialogue or canceled thus also possible authorization of credit card payment is canceled.

Credit Cards and Prepayment

We offer payment option with the following credit card options; MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Euro Card and Paypal. Purchase does not require to create an account with us, but it is strongly recommended for you to monitor, and for us to service your order. When you place your order, you authorize the amount and no definitive capture of amount occurs before the delivery has taken place, or that we can prove that the product is physically shipped in transit or delivered to your address.

Payment and billing for companies, associations and organizations

Companies and organizations with valid company/organisation registration number will usually be able to pay within 8 days credit. We deliver the goods once we have registered the payment. Please contact us if there are doubts.

Payment reminder procedure, fees and debt collection

Is payment for the submitted invoice is not registered within 8 days after the due date for companies and 20 days for public institutions, we usually bring this in mind for immediate payment.

If no payment is recieved after 8 days we will sent a reminder # 1 denomination. All any agreed discounts lapse after invoiced.

If no payment is still not recieved after 10 days a fee of 20 eur will be charged. All possible services in operation, including mail, database and other possibly. data hosting will then be closed without no further notice. Closure is not to equate the delivery or the pending delivery to be free of charge, any outstanding remains is to be paid. Software licenses sent to termination from the manufacturer, and further use will be considered illegal under current international law.

Recorded payment of the total debt incl. all imposed fees didn't continue, last reminder denomination of DKK 100, - and the case is sent directly to debt collection.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to charge interest on late payments in accordance with the Act on interest for late payment. Reopening of the agreement can ONLY be done by full payment of all amounts due and the payment of reopening fee denomination of DKK 250, -.

Shipping & Delivery

Freight prices stated in the individual item. Download products are sent through e-mail at no additional charge for delivery. Provision of information, passwords, confirmations, invoices, etc.. ONLY comes through. e-mail/download. You will therefore generally NOT receive either FTP codes, news or invoice in the mail. Provided services such as web hosting, domain names and web design are not refundable. Are there any specific individual conditions for the supply of our products and services will be described in each product. If you have questions that are not covered here please contact us before establishing any order.

Retention of title

retains title to the goods delivered - until the full amount of invoice, interest and any form of penalty charges are paid. When property rights are transferred to the customer, the customer is not entitled to lease, pledge, or otherwise dispose of the goods supplied, except for use in a manner that does not jeopardize 's property at risk.


If you regret your purchase, the product is returned within the first 14 days from the day you receive your goods. However, of course, provided that the item is returned in the same condition as you received it. You can not undo or return your purchase if the item has been used or the seal is broken, for the obvoius reason that the selling price has lost a significant degree of value.

You can return the item to us through post mail. You also have the right to cancel your purchase before or upon recieving an order confirmation. If you use the right to refuse, the amount  in the receipt will be refunded, with the condition that only the price of the product and not the shipping cost. The product must be packed adequately and securely. The copy of the order confirmation when returning the product through postal service must be attached and the customer will pay the cost for sending back the pacakge to the provided postal adress by ScanDix.


If you do find a defect in the product, then you have 24 months warranty. This must be done within a reasonable time from the time of the error is detected. It is necessary that you provide a detailed documentation of the damages, image documentation is advised to support your claim. You should consult your ScanDix by following our normal support policy.

Exceptions Concerning Right of Refusal of the Product

Purchase of software delivered as electronic license can generally not be undone. At the moment of delivery of the serial / license no. took place according to the record documented in our server, stating that the product has been successfully delivered electronically. This electronic delivery is in the form of electronic mail provided by you in the order process during your shopping in our webshop. You may refuse or cancel your order right after you recieve an order confirmation, and not upon recieving an electronic delivery of your purchase.

Software, CDs and the like where the seal is broken, can not be returned.

You are required to return the item in the same condition and quantity as it is received. You will bear the costs associated with returning the product.

Warranty & Return

ScanDix can not be held responsible for changes in the technical specifications of producers. Such claims must be brought against the manufacturer and not ScanDix. If you wish to return a product delivered, you must obtain an RMA number. You must completely fill-in the RMA form which is to be sent to you upon request. When you receive an RMA number, it is valid within 10 days. Use our contact us  button for more information.

When a product has been discontinued since a new version arrived the right to return the product can be made within 15 days upon recieving it.

Product liability

ScanDix is only liable for the product which may be based on mandatory legal provisions, and thus disclaims any further liability which can not be sustained by this. Except as expressly provided by mandatory legal booklets. ScanDix is only liable fo the damaged product, provided that such defect is attributable to gross negligence by ScanDix. The liability that may lie with includes only the client's direct, but not consequential loss. Consequential loss or loss of data are limited based on amount of the delivered product's purchase price / sales price . ScanDix Can never be responsible for changes in technical specifications of producers. Such claims must be brought against the manufacturer and not ScanDix.

Force Majeure 

If ScanDix is unable to deliver the agreed service due to circumstances beyond the ScanDix's control, including fire, flood, strike, lockout, power failures, terrorism, loss of services of telecommunications and network providers or the like. ScanDix should not be held accountable from the delivery obligation as long as such situation exists. If the contracted delivering services are not available to the customer after 10 days, the customer may terminate the agreement with notice sent to ScanDix. The amount  in the receipt will be refunded with the condition that, only the price of the product and not the shipping cost. ScanDix as mentioned above shall not be pay for the period in which a performance has not been available to the customer.

Compared with the above situation occurs ScanDix strive to represent our clients' interests. We do this by including the customer to be in constant contact with suppliers such as utility companies to be ready for immediate reboot, test and restoration of the agreement as soon as practically possible.


The customer is obliged to comply with ScanDix's and any subcontractors at any time applicable intellectual property and licensing requirements and required hereby to comply with Danish law to current rules for handling hardware and software licensing rules.


Disputes shall be settled in the maritime and commercial law. In addition, please refer to the Danish Sale of Goods Act General Provisions.

Last Updated on August 4, 2014